The PH Experience


We can get the job done, but it’s how we do it that makes us unique.

Consultation & Planning

Our process starts with understanding your vision for your home. We begin with an onsite consultation that helps us paint the full picture of your needs while also envisioning your design desires, style and expectations. Once we've gathered enough information, we take you through a personalized presentation at our offices (or virtually if preferred) to showcase our ideas and design recommendations for your home.

Purchasing & Execution

After the big presentation, we work with you to finalize your design and selections including materials, furniture, architectural plans, finishes, and more. We purchase and place orders for each element and store it for you as we await the arrival of all items. Our execution process continues as we bring your design concept to life in our warehouse, ensuring every piece is exactly as it needs to be before our final install and reveal.

Install & Reveal Day

The finale of our process is what we call "Install Day" or "Reveal Day" where your home design dreams come to life. Our teams takeover your house for anywhere from 8-12 hours to install, decorate, place and perfect every last detail. When it's time for the final reveal, we celebrate your new beginnings with a champagne toast! Our photographer captures the final result, and we leave you to enjoy your newly designed home.


Presentation day is one of our favorite parts of the PH process. Expect to arrive at our offices and be welcomed by a full spread of design renderings and samples to help you decide exactly what you want and how you want it.

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