Pineapple House Voted “Most Popular” for Design on Houzz For Third Consecutive Year

Pineapple House Voted “Most Popular” for Design on Houzz For Third Consecutive Year

Pineapple House received with two awards from the online residential giant Houzz: the 2017 Best of Houzz DESIGN and their 2017 Best of Houzz SERVICE.

Pineapple House is pleased to be recognized by Houzz, the largest residential design database in the world, with prestigious awards in two categories: the “2017 Best of Houzz DESIGN” and the “2017 Best of Houzz SERVICE.”

Recognition in the design category comes annually from the clicks, shares and saves from over 40 million monthly design aficionados in the Houzz online community. User activity translates into “votes” at the end of the year.

Honors in the service category are assessed using a number of factors, such as the professional’s responsiveness to inquiries on Houzz’s interactive platform, the number of reviews received, and the quality of the reviews.

Over one million design and construction professionals are represented on Houzz. This is the third year that Pineapple House has earned the “Best of Houzz DESIGN” distinction, and the second for “Best of Houzz SERVICE.”

According to Pineapple House Executive Vice President, Amber Gizzi, “The “Best of Houzz DESIGN” is calculated by the attention that our projects receive from the online community. We are thrilled that people on Houzz use our DESIGN work as inspiration and examples for their own projects. We’re also very appreciative about the SERVICE recognition. Our teams work diligently to deliver both exceptional design and superior customer service.”

Houzz has added the two new “Best Of Houzz 2017” badges to the Pineapple House profile, as a sign of their recognition of the firm’s commitment to excellence.